Power Start your Day

Phone Down

I have to admit it’s very tempting to grab my phone upon waking and not only shut the alarm up but then skip onto the news sites and social media to see what’s what. It’s not the best start for my brain though hence why I do the little exercise below first to kickstart my day.

Part One

Whilst lying there with eyes open or closed, start breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. I suggest keeping them open if you think you might nod back off as a power start to the day shouldn’t really consist of you jolting away and panicking you are now going to be late.

Place one hand on your stomach and direct your attention to feeling your breath move down your body until your stomach rises as you inhale and falls as you breathe out. Do this for just a couple of minutes. If your attention naturally wanders, just choose to bring it back to your stomach which is also known as centring yourself. Take some deep breaths down to the diaphragm

This is diaphragmatic breathing and comes with a ton of benefits such as:

Improved memory and cognitive functions

Reversing and helping to manage the chemistry of anxiety and stress, handy if you were jolted out of your sleep by your alarm or a pet cat sitting on your face.

Lowering blood pressure

Increases oxygen flow which is great for mental and physical health

Something I remind myself of most days is that I cannot control or predict how the day ahead will go or how people I come into contact will behave.

Part Two

Welcome all your thoughts and expectations for the day ahead.

Breathe into them and allow them to be there in your mind.

Watch your thoughts as an observer just as if you were just watching them on a television screen and continue to breathe into any tension you may feel from certain thoughts. With each out breath see if you can let some of that tension go.

Part Three

Tap your bed in a growing faster rhythm from left to right to engage both hemispheres of the brain.  You slow it down to help the brain relax and speed it up to feel more energised.

That’s it.  It’s a powerful way to get your mind and body ready for day and only takes a couple of minutes.  (You can also do this during your breaks sat in a chair, commuting, toilet break)

Something I remind myself of most days is that I cannot control or predict how the day ahead will go or how people I come into contact will behave.

My mind’s job is to try and predict what could go wrong today and guide me away from that. These are predictions only and not something that I should on face value just accept.

If I expect the day to go easy and for people to be almost perfect then my anger levels may just rise a little or a lot when something else happens.  Letting go of my expectations and trusting that I will adapt to whatever changes come my way helps the day flow more easily. I can also more often take advantage of those changes which can bring around some unexpected benefits.

What can you remind yourself of about today to help make it easier to go with the flow?

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