Boring Beige Junk Food

Beige has to be one of the dullest and laziest colours on earth, it’s not white and it’s not even brown.  It’s a colour which appeals to people who want to blend in and not be noticed and as we get older it seems to be something “comfortable clothing” comes in various shades of.

It’s also the main colour of some peoples junk food diets.  Crisps, bread, cereal, biscuits, chips, pies, pasta, noodles, burgers, fried chicken and so on come in various shades of beige. If there’s a colour variation it might be brown or red, mostly from chocolate, meat or a condiment. Colour is often omitted in favour of salty and sugary foods which when all put together looks like crap…literally.

A theory I once heard which kind of makes sense is that the baby food which had as children which was mostly beige can create an association for food that colour.  Hence why I often hear “I love food,” and yet it’s a love for quite a childish bland, boring diet which is ruining their health and looks.

That’s not love for food that’s love for salt and sugar which often leaves out food of variety and colour.  Interestingly enough if they go out to dinner in a restaurant, their tastes seem to change a bit for more variance and colour.  Suddenly their sense of self worth and being an adult in a different environment can increase and they want something of quality and not just dull, lifeless junk filled rubbish.

It’s really worth keeping a diary of your food or just taking some pics of it throughout the week and place those pics together in a folder. How do they look altogether?

If it all looks a bit beige then it might be time to add some colour and variety to your diet.

Arn’t you worth it?





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