Brain Physio

Brain Physio

One huge misconception about anxiety and depression is that they are states of mind you can simply snap out of by thinking and acting a bit more positively. Intrusive and worrying thoughts can terrorise some with racing hearts and gut wrenching tension which can even lead to panic attacks.

Trying to look at the brighter side of life on it’s own won’t solve these issues as won’t “manning up,” (Cheers Piers Morgan)  Even clients who have gone through years of counselling are mystified at why their anxiety still persists and throwing more counselling therapy work isn’t going to be the answer either. 

And why? 

The reality for many is quite simple, their anxiety and depression is an injury which needs treating as an actual injury which is where they can begin to get their power back and turn things around.

Anxiety Coaching

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression then in short, the Limbic System which is made up of various parts of the brain which include dealing with your emotions and survival is struggling. The chemistry which helps you feel well, motivated, confident and calm isn’t flowing and needs some help and can get worse as time goes on.

Just like having a strained muscle.  Anxiety coaching with myself is like having physio in the brain, we work out whats causing that injury, adding pressure to your brain and unbalancing your chemistry.  We begin with a very simply program you can follow to help “heal” the biological side of things and then work on the psychological stuff to ensure that your progress continues.


As I enjoy regularly exercising, I know the importance of having physio when I have an injury so I can get back to it as soon as possible.  There’s not much shame when it comes to getting help for physical injuries and I wish our society saw mental health problems that way. 

You are certainly not weak if you seek help, it takes a lot of courage to take those first steps and no matter where you are with anxiety or depression, it’s never too late to take those steps. I work with teenagers to people who have retired, an injury doesn’t discriminate with age.

Media trolls like Piers Morgan using click bait articles to shame people into thinking mental health issues are a badge of honour for attention seekers and they should just “man up.”  Whilst I’m happy to see his arguments debated and shot down, it’s sad to see how many people ignorantly agree.

Get Help

If you have an injury, seek help and work on getting it healed. Anxiety and depression can even in mild forms make life feel so much harder than it needs to and in the long run can ruin the quality of your life. 

Life’s too precious and short for that.

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