Fake News!

img_9162If you are a social media user you may be familiar with the amount of fake news popping up all over your newsfeed begging to be clicked on and believed.  It’s become an epidemic thanks to various companies who actually employ people to create content which will tap into our desires to believe and therefore warp our version of reality.

It’s hideous but this isn’t a new phenomenon and in fact you are most likely to be just as good as this company in creating fake news which for you feels utterly believable and even acted upon.

Headlines &  Clickbait

Whether it’s fear of rejection, not being good enough or unable to handle failure in the future, these are brilliant headlines which the mind creates by manipulating your thoughts and body chemistry. These are the best forms of click bait as they feel so utterly believable at times and can grab your attention demanding to be clicked upon and accessed. 

How many times have you not gone for something because the headlines in your head said you couldn’t handle the made up negative outcome?

These headlines can even show a line or two of the content to get you to read into them ever further. Here’s an example….

“My Boss Just Looked at me Funny!!”

“They must have read that report I emailed them this morning. It must mean that I……..”

Basically the above headline is screaming to be accessed so you can read into this situation and try and protect yourself somehow. 

Once you indulge these headlines can trigger adrenaline, heart racing and a gut knot or flip for added conviction.  The primal brain and sympathetic nervous system are activated and can hijack you into an irrational worrying response which is hard to control no matter what else you rationally know deep down.

Take Control

it’s not point trying to ignore  or distract yourself from the types of personal fake news which will try and trigger you into reacting. This only trains your brain to look out even more for this type of headline and anything related. You have to deep breathe into that gut of yours and start acknowledging your headlines as just that…fake headlines, use a label if you want to help give you some space between you and the headline.

“that’s the fear of rejection headline.”

“that’s the fear that my boss doesn’t like me headline.”

“That’s the i’m not good enough headline.”

Remember that all thoughts are just thoughts, they are not real not matter how they feel. They are useful or not and acknowledging them as just a headline can help you become more objective and act on them or let them go.


Keep breathing to your gut as this activates your parasympathetic nervous system and calms down the parts of the brain making this headline feel too real.  Let these headlines just be just be there and eventually your brain will get bored of this trashy tabloid news and want something a bit  more stimulating to focus on.


Anxiety and depression disorders are caused by physical changes in the brain which I class as an injury. These physical changes in the brain can make fake news seem all the more real. Treating these injuries as a physical issue and not a state of mind you can change will help see fake news more often for what it really is.

Let people like Trump have the monopoly on fake news whilst you focus on reality, who you really are and what you are truly capable of.

Contact me if you would like more help in managing your fake news. 

Also here’s a great little video belief systems which you might find helpful. Click here.

(Big thank you to one of my recent clients who inspired this article, you know who you are and it’s much appreciated!)

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