Can you Benefit from Anxiety?

Can you really benefit from anxiety? 

Something that is often a bit missing when it comes to bringing mental health issues into the public eye are the benefits they can bring to our lives. I know that might sound a little odd but for example if it were not for having had anxiety I wouldn’t have the life I love now.  It gave me so many messages and challenges me to change my life whenever it begins to be felt.  Life would be very poor and dull without it.


If you have anxiety and it’s impact is too negative on the quality of your life then it really is time to get help. Anxiety it isn’t your fault, it is caused by physical alterations in the brain and needs to be treated as an injury. It really isn’t a state of mind you can change by simply thinking differently (CBT take note!)

My favourite benefits from having had anxiety are:


My favourite benefit has to be that I really don’t fear negative thoughts, feeling anxious or being in stressful situations anymore. Fear of fear was a big thing for me and I did what I could to avoid people and experiences which might lead to me feeling anxious, it made my world very small.  For me now there is no shame in feeling anxious, it’s normal and can be managed quite easily with a range of tools at my disposal.  That has led my confidence to flourish and keep on growing.

I often wonder what life would be like if I hadn’t had anxiety, I’m not sure how I would manage situations where emotions ran high without strategies to manage them


Something I now really cherish are the connections I had missed out on from having anxiety.  It can be very isolating to feel like people around you are dangerous somehow as well as worrying about your sanity.  You can be surrounded by people and yet feel the loneliness creeping in like the darkest of nights.

Human connection is vital and now I know how anxiety tricks us into isolation, I make an extra effort to connect with people I love and care about.  It’s ok to struggle with connections and again there’s no shame in worrying about what people think about you as that is normal. You can though learn to manage those thoughts and fears which in turn help you connect with people around you on deeper levels through better communication.  As tempting as it is to be on your own and independent, you can only kid yourself for so long that this is the best way to live for you.

Being more conscientious is a natural anxiety trait and it can be a good one as it makes us more likely to be compassionate, caring, empathic and loyal.


21st Century living can be very stressful and also full of micro clutter filling up our lives and time with too much stuff and demanding our time and attention.  Our mental loads are increasing and it’s mostly full of rubbish.

Anxiety is a wake up call to declutter and change the parts of life which are making your nervous systems over strained and unsustainable. Toxic people, situations,  work ethics, belief systems,  unhealthy lifestyles and materialism get reevaluated changed and let go of. It’s amazing how clients lives can change so much for the better because anxiety made them readdress their lives. 


There’s no getting away from how anxiety motivates us to revaluate what affects our mental and physical health. The energy, motivation, confidence and clarity that comes with from eating healthier, exercising, hydrating and recharging etc is something you can’t even put a price on.

Future Proofing

Anxiety can be very good at helping to project yourselves into future scenarios and minimise the impact of future possible problems.  It’s easy to over look the organisational creative and problem solving skills of many anxiety sufferers and how good they can be at work, parenting and life in general. 


A stronger sense of who you are, what you stand for you what you want to do with this one life of yours can come from anxiety.  It’s all too easy to put a mask on to be more liked and popular in this word but living like that can increase your anxiety as deep down you know you are a fraud. Being more honest and authentic can do wonders for your confidence,  self esteem and with the relationships around you.


Having some gratitude for anxiety no matter how it feels can begin to help you heal, the biological chemistry alone from this does wonders for your brain.  It also can give you a sense of “light at the end of the tunnel” when it comes to your anxiety journey and help move you forward at a healthier pace.

If you would like some help with anxiety and changing your relationship with it then contact me here and we can explore together from there.

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