paul-sheppard-the-life-doctorMy name is Paul Sheppard and I am a therapist and coach based in Brighton and Hove. My speciality is helping clients with issues of anxiety, stress, low self esteem, depression, motivation and confidence.  The sessions are very strategy based using a mix of various science’s and therapies in a frank and direct way to help people empower themselves to help themselves.

The feedback has been fantastic over the years helping me to create programs for my clients which are extremely effective and I am always searching for ways to keep that going.

You can find out more about my work on my main website The Life Doctor.

The reason I created this blog away from my main site was because I wanted to create and share perspectives, techniques, resources in a more playful and interactive way. Some of the content isn’t really work related but part of my interest in exploring engaging with life in different ways.

It’s here I can be more daring, controversial, frank, direct and playful and my clients can be directed here too to continue helping themselves.

Hope you enjoy this blog, it’s all experimental so I have no plans, direction or goal, I just want to see what happens.